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Errors and Reskates - Singles FS (2003 Rulebook)

There are a variety of errors that detract from the "perfection" of a freeskating test. Some are fairly minor, and are called "Quality Errors". These errors typically cause a reduction in the marks for the test, but do not cause an automatic failure of the test as a whole. Some errors are considered very serious, and their uncorrected presence on a required element causes mandatory failure of the test. Skaters may be given the opportunity to correct up to two "Serious Errors" at the end of the test. This is called a "reskate", and is granted by the judges if, in their opinion the skater would otherwise be able to pass the test if those errors were corrected.

The skater should complete all required elements with no serious errors after reskate, or the test is marked "retry". Note that if only 1 serious error is present the judges may have the option of using the second ("presentation") mark, if warranted, to pass the test (TR 27.02).

On a Freeskating test, up to 2 elements may be reskated to correct serious errors (TR 30.01B). When a skater is requested to perform a reskate, the skater may choose to complete any element that fulfills the stated requirement (TR 30.01B).

Serious Errors - These errors are considered "Serious" on Freeskating tests (TR27.02A)

Quality Errors - The errors listed below are examples of quality problems, and the judge should make a deduction in the Technical Merit mark when they are observed. The list is representative only, and should not be considered all-inclusive. (TR 27.02B)

Quality Errors by themselves do not cause a mandatory failure of a test, but the reductions caused by the presence of multiple Quality Errors may accumulate to cause an overall failure. Unlike "Serious Errors" though, reductions due to Quality Errors may be offset by strong performance in other aspects of the test.

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