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Rules about Program Timing (2012)

The Rulebook lists the proper duration for all skating events in the rules section related to the particular program or event (i.e. the Senior FS and SP timings are defined in #4200 which is immediately preceding the element descriptions for the Senior programs).

Sections #4050 (general), 4913 (6.0), 1071C (IJS) contain the rules describing how the time requirements are interpreted.

Timing starts when the skater (or either partner in a dance or pairs event) first begins to move or skate, which is not always at the same time as the music starts (#4050). Timing continues until skater comes to a complete stop at the end of the program.

Short Programs (#4913; 1071C)

Long Programs, Original Dances, & Free Dances (#4914; 1071C)

For example, for a Junior ladies long program which is supposed to be 3m30s long

Chart illustrating how deductions are applied when timing is incorrect
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