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How to Order a Rulebook

Rulebooks in hardcopy (paper) or CD are available direct from US Figure Skating for a very nominal price. It is also available for free download right from the US Figure Skating website, if you prefer the (PDF) electronic version.

Starting with 2008, the full package includes the actual Rulebook, a separate book which includes the Test rules and all Dance and MIF patterns, and 3rd separate book which is the Directory of Officials. The Test Patterns book and the Directory are spiral bound, but the actual Rulebook comes as loose pages for which you will need to provide a binder.

You can order a binder from USFSA, but I have found that a standard 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 three ring binder from any office supply store works also. I got a 1" binder from OfficeMax for $3.95 and it works perfectly.

You may also order a copy of the Rulebook on a CD for use in your computer, but this is a separate item, not included in the standard package.

New Rulebooks are issued each year about September, and include the new rules for the upcoming season. They are always identified by the year "coming up" -- ie in July 2011 they issued the 2012 Rulebook.

You can get a Rulebook Order Form from the USFSA website (its in the Merchandise Order Forms area on their Online Forms page). You can print this form and mail it along with your payment, or you can call the USFSA Order Desk and order by phone with credit card.

As of July 2012 the current order numbers and prices are as follow:

They will apply a shipping fee at the time of order. These start pretty high but are graduated according to the amount of order. If you want several for your friends or club, it would be worth pooling your orders...

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