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General Deductions - Singles 6.0

Tech Pres Nature of Failure Rule
0.1 Use of vocal music with lyrics #2035, 2046
0.1 0.1 Use of any forbidden elements (deduction in BOTH marks) #2038, 2045c
0.1 0.1 Lying and prolonged and/or stationary kneeling on both knees (forbidden element) #2036, 2045a
0.1 0.1 Unnecessary and prolonged posing and/or movements executed on two feet (forbidden element) #2036
0.1 0.1 Somersault type jumps (forbidden element) #2036, 2045b
0.1   Required spin with fewer than required revolutions #3634d
0.2 Freeskating program lacking in balance; excess number of elements, fewer than minimum required, lack of connecting steps, etc. Deduction is 0.2 for each extra or lacking element. #2049, 3633
0.1 0.1 Duration outside of +/- 10 sec window from specified duration.  Deduct 0.1 from both marks for each 10 seconds over or short of window - FS #3516a
0.1 Clothing which is not modest, dignified and appropriate for athletic competition #3554
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