Current News
Sep 24Posted PRACTICE ICE SCHEDULE for Novi Falling Leaves 2017 Online Reservation for PI will be turned on Monday at 7pm. Those who don't already know their PIN should get it beforehand by going to the event page (link above) and selecting their name from the dropdown then clicking on the [SEND ME MY PIN] button.
Sep 22Posted SCHEDULE for Novi Falling Leaves 2017 (and reposted it Saturday morning with revised starting time. Note that the current schedule starts at 8:15 am)
Sep 21Posted ANNOUNCEMENT for Westland All American Classic 2017 Nov 11 (entries due Oct 31)
Sep 19The Entry Deadline for Dearborn Basic Skills 2017 has been extended until Sep 25
Sep 17Posted RESULTS from Coliseum Freeze 2017. Thank you to Teresa Melzer for providing these results for posting!
Sep 10Posted SCHEDULE for Coliseum Freeze 2017

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