Current News
Sep 15Posted PRACTICE ICE SCHEDULE for Chiller Fall Fest 2019 Online Reservation for PI is now available. In addition to reserving sessions, you may purchase sessions by Credit Card. Those who don't already know their PIN should get it beforehand by going to the event page (link above) and selecting their name from the dropdown then clicking on the [SEND ME MY PIN] button.
Sep 14Posted SCHEDULE for Chiller Fall Fest 2019
Aug 28Posted SCHEDULE for Wyandotte Viviani Memorial 2019
Aug 14Posted ANNOUNCEMENT for Chiller Fall Fest 2019 Sep 22 (entries due Sep 13)
Aug 02Posted RESULTS from Skate the Zoo 2019. Thank you to Stacy Lighfoot for providing these results for posting!
Jul 24Posted SCHEDULE for Skate the Zoo 2019

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