Competition Checklist

Going to a competition??? Don't forget the following:

  • Your skates (BOTH of them!)
  • Your dress / tights (or pants and shirt if male)
  • A spare set of tights
  • Extra scrunchies, bobbie pins, etc
  • Any makeup you will require
  • Comb, brush, hairspray
  • Sweater or warmup jacket
  • Your music CD (labeled and tested)
  • A backup CD (labeled and tested)
  • Guards and soakers
  • Your "emergency bag" (this should contain spare screws for your blades, a screwdriver, spare laces, band-aids, aspirin, etc)
  • Inhaler (if needed)
  • Your USFSA number
  • Know your event number(s) and time
  • Directions to the rink
  • Black electrical tape (cover the flash bulb on your camera, if you can't turn it off...)
  • Ensure your coach has registration card

Plane trip? Consider this too:

If at all possible, pack your skates and essential costume items as carryon. The airlines have a pretty good track record with luggage now-a-days, but if your luggage should be misplaced it might be a day or 2 before they can get it to you. You can easily replace your pajamas and bluejeans, but it'll be pretty hard to find broken-in skates and a dress quickly in a strange town. In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy, it has become more difficult to travel with your skates as carryon. Check here for some tips on what you can do to minimize your chances of loss when traveling.

Most Important

Remember, you're doing this for fun. Plan ahead to leave enough time to relax a little when you get there, and while you are there.